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Ari Pérez Beauty Studio

I was born in Ojeda City, Zulia State, Venezuela and I'm 29 years old... My Country is going through a very tough situation right now, so I decided to emigrate to the United States Of America, looking for the best opportunities for me, my two kids and my family; And This is my story like any immigrant: During almost 4 years I worked as a waitress at a Salvadorean restaurant, then I started investing into all my professional Microblading equipment and started working from home.

Nowadays, it is easier to get known by using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc... So, I decided to start showcasing my work on these platforms... With a lot effort and dedication, I then started studying in some of the best and most renowned academies in the world, getting certified as a ROYAL ARTIST. When working from home, I then decided to take the next step and open my own store.

One of my biggest goals is to grow my business "Ari Perez Beauty Studio" and establish my own academy.