We highlight and care for your beauty.

Because we know that your priority will always be you. Ari Pérez Beauty Studio’s commitment to you is a lifetime deal, where we seek to integrate different specialties in the aesthetic world to boost that confidence in you. Harmonize your body and mind while we take care of your well-being in each treatment, always innovating to achieve excellent results. As a brand, we have decided to take our love for aesthetics one step further and teach the basic principles in microblanding, under the needs of a growing market. If you are looking for incredible, impeccable, long-lasting and expertly performed results for your face and body, you may trust us and leave your physical well-being in our hands.

Make up


Eye  brows and Eye lashes




Facial treatments


Body treatments

Ari Pérez

Master in Micropigmentation

Nataly Lugo

Master in eyelash extensions

Specialist in Micropigmentation

Exio Rodríguez


Nohemy Ortiz

Skin specialist

Botox and lip filler

Giane Vegas

Eyebrow and eyelash technician

Egliandry Heras

Hair laser removal technician

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